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You can define an optional default email address, so the user is not requested to enter any email address at all.




View permissions

Only Portals defined in Config settings are shown and can be accessed via Autouser. Access to other portals is blocked by backend.


this redirects to e.g. http://localhost:89/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/create/1.




View permissions

In the past Jira Admin had to care about the proper Portal/Project Permissions. 


Our Customers asked us to change this. We have implemented Extended Portal View Permissions for the Autouser.


Access is controlled from Frontend and Backend. (This is not replacing proper Jira portal permissions).

Security and Atlassian Licensing

LoginFree for Jira Service Desk ensures data and platform security. The auto user has got minimal permissions. It is not assigned to any Jira Application Access. This is why it does not consume any license. In addition, we hardened the backend. For several requests there will be a blocking page presented to the user when he tries to access as Auto User.




What exactly ist the Run User doing?

The runUser is only required to create the user accounts after the anonymously logged in user has submitted the request. It is not doing anything else.

What exactly ist the Auto User doing?

As long as the user is logged in anonymously, any action is conducted with this account.

Does the Auto User has got requests listed in the request overview?

No, there should never be a request assigned to the Auto User. Only in case user creation failed, there might be a request assigned. In this case make sure to manually assign a proper reporter later on

Can an anonymous user view requests?

No, even if the user is logged in as the Auto user, the backend ensures that the requests can not be viewed.

I want to disable the reCaptcha

Simply leave the Google reCaptcha keys blank.

How can a newly automatically created User log in?

The user can use the normal password reset links from Jira Service Desk Customer Portal. Depending on the notification settings an email will be created with the password link. When a user raises an anonymous request the 2nd time, the password reset email is triggered automatically.

The auto login link is not shown on the Customer Portal

Make sure you enabled the Project in the Admin Section. And verify the link. Sometimes a user is redirected to the Over All Portal Page e.g See that the Url does not contain any portal id. A proper link is e.g.

The create request fails when the google recaptcha is configured properly

To use the Google ReCaptcha, your Jira Service Desk Instance must be able to access the Url

If your server instance does not have internet access (e.g. you have to install AddOns via file upload instead of installing them from the marketplace) you can not use the Google ReCaptcha feature.